A New Year to Label Amazing!



This year I have let go of a lot of things I had been clinging to for a long time.  I admit at times I literally felt like I was hanging on for dear life.  Little did I know that all I needed to do was to let go and simple let the universe do it’s work.  Wow… what a great feeling  to literally throw your hands up in the air and say aloud,  “I cannot do this anymore… help!”  I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing family and friends this year, and to know that I am supported.  

I find I have had to take baby steps along the way and that all my pain and tears have allowed me to grow more into the kind of women I want to be for me and my children.  It has not been easy but it I know that I am now on the right path, or so it seems.  I have hope and happiness now, something I have not felt in a very long time.  It may not always be sunny, especially today on this cloudy, dark December afternoon, but I knew in my heart the sun would return soon.

I hope this New Year will bring some sunshine and a renewed sense of wonder and hope for the possibilities in your world!


Talk soon ~




My Lucky Shamrock

Lucky Shamrock


I think we all want the “Luck of the Irish!”  By the way my dog’s name is Irish.  (I just thought of that as I was calling him to stop licking the cat’s dishes once again.) I didn’t name him, he already had that name when we adopted him.  He has been with me over 10 years.  He is my good “ol” boy, when he is not getting into trouble.  I really couldn’t get a better boy than him, I am so LUCKY!

I have a number of Shamrock plants, they are my favorite.  One of the reasons I love them so much is they are so delicate and sweet, yet fierce and determined with  a strong will to live.  This is their month to shine being that the shamrock represents all things Irish.

I am a “green thumb wannabe”.   Secretly I would love to work in a flower shop.  I love being surrounded by all plants and flowers.  The closest I did get to this dream was when my Aunt had her Garden Centre business.  I would help her on occasion and went to different markets selling her flowers. I loved being surrounded by all the beauty and loved watching the smiles of people when they purchased.

My flowers have been my  saving grace this winter. I simply cannot walk past a potted Tulip, or Daffodil without bringing them home.  It is my simple indulgence, and gives me great pleasure.  With the money I have spent this year on my little addiction I could have gone south!

Speaking of flowers, this is when my little Shamrocks like to show their little white flowers. Delicate by nature. Shamrock’s like to stand tall and proud humbly showing beauty and grace.  They close their leaves at night, and open them in the morning. I think I should stay up all night, just to witness this sometime.

I remember many summer afternoons looking for four-leaf clovers in my youth.   I never did find one.   My Mom loved to play the “let’s find a four-leaf clover game”, as it kept my brother and I busy for a good couple of hours it seemed.

Speaking of four-leaf clovers, I was gifted a beautiful 4 leafed clover in a picture frame by my friend Henrietta (she has a business called “Gift of Luck”).  I truly believe it has brought me luck.   Can you imagine giving people the “Gift of Luck”!   I must say she is one cool friend.

Back to my Shamrocks.  When they look like they have seen better days and you want to pitch them out. Don’t do it!  They just need a little water.  They just spring back to life. When they look a little rugged around the edges, I simply pull the dead stems and then they look great again.

When summer comes I love to put these plants outside.  They become really full and truly alive.   I think that is how I feel in summer, it is my favorite season.   By the end of the summer the plants  burst with foliage and flowers and become this gigantic beauty. I have several different kinds, purple and green ones. I don’t know the latin names, maybe I should ask my horticulturist Aunt sometime. I have had one of them for close to 10 years. It has seen my ups and downs and still hangs around.  All it asks is that I place her in a sunny spot, give her water and a little love.

That’s all we need isn’t it, just a little SUN, WATER & LOVE!

Talk soon ~



Circle of Life


Nothing is permanent in this lifetime.  Life is so fragile – I attended a drop in memorial for a women in the community who has 2 children the same age as me.  Her husband,  41 years old in good physical shape had apparently went for a jog.  His wife came home and found him on their door step.  My thoughts have been with this family all week.  My friend told me this week her father had 3 months to live.  Another close friend who has been battling breast cancer  is having her last radiation treatment.  My beautiful friend and her family are moving to Germany this week to start a new life.  My daughter and I will miss them terribly as they have become such good friends. 

I am not good at goodbyes.   I am not sure anyone is?  Maybe some people fake it better than others?   This letting go process is complicated for me, I am not good at it.  

We are hopefully coming to a completion of the long dark winter months with the spring forward motion of the clocks comes new beginnings and new life cycles.   With that comes hope, light and maybe some faith!

It is my Birthday today I get to blow out another candle.  Birthday ‘s have a funny way of grabbing your attention on the aging process, I have been feeling the aches and pains of the process, but it is a real blessing to become yet another year older. 

Like the butterfly in the picture, there is a cycle to life.  Like the seasons, there is a time for everything. 

We are heading out for a little family dinner, what a gift and I get to come home and eat more chocolate cake and hear my family sing “Happy Birthday”!  It has been a really good day.


Enjoy the sun!


Talk soon ~



The Last Story




This is your last story Grandma. 

My dear lovely beautiful girl passed away on Dec. 20 at about 7:00 am.  I held her hand all that night as she lay in the hospital bed with uncertainty in her eyes.   She was hesitant about passing on to the next stage of her life.  We all wonder what it looks like…….what the white light we hear about is?  She just kept staring and I knew it was her time and the angels where hovering and that I didn’t have a lot of time left with her.    I knew in my heart that afternoon when my mother called and said your Grandma is not feeling well, a little something in me told her it was to be her last visit to the hospital.  I immediately felt guilt for not going to see her earlier, and the overwhelming “I wish I had more time with her set in”.  I carried on with my day but knew I would not probably be able to talk with her again, as Mom told me she wasn’t really making sense, and couldn’t really talk too much.

I would always love to share my ups and downs of life with my Grandma. She really listened attentively to everything I told her, even all the mundane trivial things. We always felt she genuinely cared for us and she would always ask questions or comment on something you might have told her a week or month before. Her mind was very sharp.  You would always feel her presence with when you visited either in person or on the phone. Unless you where playing a game of scrabble with her that was different story.  For her this was her great passion and escape.  She would be scheming her next move, and the words she used, she was such an intelligent women.  She would not let you make any words up either, she had her dictionaries close at hand. 

Grandma would never want to hurt anyone or anything and she had a knack of always making you feel special.  If she did think she had said something out of step or unintentional she would fret and lose sleep for days and make sure the next time she spoke with her she would make it right.   Grandma was a lady of grace and beauty.

In her younger days Grandma was a great cook and gardener.   Grandma had beautiful vegetable and flower gardens.   I remember her pot roasts and toast-it’s to name a few of her specialities.  In later years she had a great list of numbers to order in and her love of food was always with her. 


Grandma do you remember our last Christmas sitting with all of your family?

Grandma do you remember the last scrabble game we played?

Grandma do remember only a few years ago our last Christmas with Len?

These are things we will all cherish and remember.


That night holding her hand and she was not really able to talk, I shared with her memories of her life and she would squeeze my hand or try to smile or a look of sadness came when I spoke.  I knew she was listening to each and every one of my little stories.  I was trying to comfort her ….that little lady lying in that big hospital bed.  I thought of her a mother to 5 (which included a set of twins),  and all of the sleepless nights she must have had comforting an ill or scared child.  She had shared many a story with me of her days she spent mothering her brood of 5 babes.  We would always chuckle to each other and she would then tell me another story, or listen to something I had to share about my babes.  We both shared having little people at ages 37 and 41 years of age. 

I knew it was time for her to go but I didn’t want her to leave just yet.   I still had many more things to share with you?  Who will listen to all my stuff now?    I wanted you to hear all of my new stories.   I wanted to know how much love exists in my heart for you.  Together holding hands that night we held the angels back for a few hours while we reminisced and shared one more story together.  Only when I left you on your own when our hand broke contact did the angels win and I lost.  For when I returned your heart was empty and your soul was gone.  I still love you Grandma, I always will – Until we meet again. 

Life is so short and soon we shall meet again.

Talk Soon ~






It is a Wonderful Life!


“Every time you hear a bell ring, it means that some angel’s just got his wings.”

This is one of my favourite Holiday Movies. “It’s a wonderful life, (1946) “. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this movie it brings tears to my eyes. I am sure I am not alone in this. James Stewart plays George Bailey in the movie. It is a bittersweet tale of George who feels like a failure financially, becomes depressed with his state of affairs and is contemplating suicide on Christmas Eve. He wishes he was never born. Clarence, who plays his angel in the movie tries to teach him lessons and show him what life would be like without him.

This time of year can evoke such emotions in us. We often think of those loved ones who have departed, family members who may be ill or those ongoing family rifts. There are such expectations for this time of year. Often we expect everyone to be happy and merry in our gatherings. I guess it would make things a lot merrier if we could just all get along. My hope for the holiday season is to try to lower my expectations of others.

I really pondered the meaning of Christmas this past Monday morning, while waiting with my 7-year-old daughter for her bus. She said “Mom is Santa a real person”?” I replied “Of course he is real, but he has magical powers; kind of like a superhero”. Her next question was “Well why do we have Christmas”? I then replied “Well we celebrate Christmas so we can all be together, like a party”. She said “Well why are we having a party”? I then told Meaghan “it is like a birthday party because we are celebrating the birthday of ‘Baby Jesus”. She then replied “Well who is Baby Jesus”. Well I am sure there would be more questions but the bus pulled up and picked up my little Meg’s and off she went. I went in the house poured myself yet another coffee and thought much about those questions which came from the “mouth of babes.”

I do love this season, not just for the gift giving but for the true meaning of Christmas. To me it seems the world is just a little kinder this time of year. We all seem to be a little more generous with our fellow-man. Many of us try to help out those less fortunate. There just seems to be a spirit which seems to flow more in the air than other times of the year. Perhaps it makes those cold winter days and nights a little warmer,brighter with the lights flickering, the stocking hung, the logs in the fire.

I hope you will have many happy times with your family and friends and celebrate the magic of the season which is upon us. You just have to believe. Do you believe? I love the end of the movie when George Bailey despite all his adversities realizes all he has and declares “It is a wonderful life!”

Clarence: “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many lives, when he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he”?

Talk soon ~


My Escape


You want me to go away for a week by myself, to a beach with a girlfriend!

Are you sure no kids for a week? No dinners to make, no lunches to make?  No notes to write the teacher?  What will the kids do? Will they be OK with Dad, what will he dress them in for school? What will he feed them? Will they go hungry?  Will they take their vitamins, will they be dressed warm enough? What if it snows when I am away?

My son tried to stow away in my suitcase when I was packing. He told me he would like to go to Florida! Sure you can – but I am not going to Florida, I am going to a Caribbean Island. The D.R. (Dominican Republic), sorry Noah I would love to bring you, but it’s, “Adult’s Only”. But Mom I want to come? I will only be gone 7 days. He said but Mom what if you where gone 1000 days? Well if I was gone a 1000 days, you would be 3 years older when I came back, so I told him 7 days is not that long.

I better go and pack the last of my things, bathing suit, books, sunscreen. No kids, no responsibilities, no worries for 7 days!  10, 9 8, 7 , 6 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – I have to run ….. they have just announced last chance to board for flight #679 for the “Mom’s who deserve a break flight!” HOP ON BOARD, there is still time to pack your case and jump on board!


 Talk soon


~ Nancy

Soul Talk


It was 6 years ago this month I had the gift of holding my Grandfather’s hand while he took his last breath on earth. I remember attending my other Grandfather’s funeral in Grade 9. It was the first funeral I had ever attended. You always seem to remember these things in your youth.  Why do we often feel so weird about death and dying?

My crazy high school friend used to cut grass and cremate bodies at the local cemetery when we were in high school. I am not so sure I could cremate bodies, cut grass yes, but burn bodies not so sure I would know how to even add that to my resume.

I somehow ended up being at the hospital for a test the same day my Grandfather passed. His one wish was he didn’t want to be alone when he died.  What a gift to be there when he was taking that last breath and to know that his spirit went to the other side.

It something almost surreal to explain that day 6 years ago, but I will try to tell you how I felt. We were with him, my parents and me, the day which was to be his last. He wasn’t in pain, so that was a blessing. He knew we were there and I remember he gently squeezed my hand.  We spoke too him and told him we loved him and to not be afraid and to know we where there with him.  I will never forget how his hand felt and I sometimes still feel it today at the oddest times. My brother passed 8 years ago and we were very close (best friends).   I feel his presence all the time, usually he is holding my hand, or I might see a glimpse of him somewhere.

I was not really close with my Grandfather but have great memories of him. He was a prominent and greatly admired business man and pilot in the community. He had the largest construction company in our hometown at one time, started a large paving business and began the local Airport, my Grandmother stills lives there today.   He was a colourful character full of life and vigour.

I could feel his last breath and his body slowly went pale, he was no longer the strong barrel of a man, but simply a body lying in the bed with no spirit.   It was somehow peaceful and a pivotal moment I will not forget in my life.  The spirit or soul as some call I know is what makes the person; I could feel when his soul left his body, as could my parents.  I remember another friend who had experienced someone passing and seeing this same process. I truly believe we are just vessels holding different souls.

Anniversaries always seem to take us back to those days when we remember those who have gone before us. It is part of the life cycle. “Death and taxes they say are the only sure things in life”. But I am sure that our souls carry on when we leave this earth. So have fun while you hear because you just never know when you might take that last breath!


“Spiritual relationship is far more precious than physical.  Physical relationship divorced from spiritual is body without soul”

~ Mahatma Gandhi


Talk soon ~



Dream Big

Don’t ever give up your dreams!  I know you have heard that before, but sometimes we just have to put one foot in front of each other and keep going.  I know you have heard that one too.  How about, don’t let anyone burst your bubble!  This world can be tough at times and sometimes all we have are our dreams and hopes for something better.

I really think that without dreams and hopes the world would be a lot duller place to live in.  Dream Big!  What is stopping you from being the best person you can be?

Fear has stopped me from trying many new things or not giving it my 100% at times.  It can be easy to become discouraged when things are not going as planned, or when things do not get done the way I would like them to be done.  Does any of that sound familiar?

Analysing my life at times I know both  fear of success and fear of failure has stopped me in my tracks.  Fear has stopped me on more than one occasion from trying that one more time, or from not even getting started on the simplest of things .  Fear be gone!   Goodbye I do not want you anymore.  There it is that easy!

Does the young girl in the photo feel fear like I do?  Will it stop her from realizing her dreams and aspirations?  What lessons am I instilling on my daughter when I am not brave and bold and step up to being what is being called from my soul and being?

I firmly believe women need to stick together and hold each other up at times.  Mentor and guide each other.  Perhaps just being a friend and supporting one another.  I know for this girl a little support and encouragement can go a long way!

When things don’t go well or things are not going as planned.  I just have to hope that everything will happen as according to plan and have a little faith!  Today when I am self doubting myself,  I say “STOP” to critics in my head.  I keep my shoulders back, smile and maybe just use  a “fake it – till you make it kind of attitude!” “GIRL POWER!”

Does that make any sense to you?  It does for this girl.  That is where my dreaming steps in and I try to imagine what it would be like to fit in my skinny jeans again, or to live by the Lakeside in my beautiful house in the summers atop a cliff where the wind is blowing and kids are playing quietly in the sand.  Ahhh……… dreaming it keeps us going doesn’t it.

I always surrender to those lottery tickets when I am filling up my vehicle at the gas station.  You almost need to dream of winning the lottery these days just to fill the gas tank these days.  I admit I often dream of just driving off on a long road trip and not returning.  Well maybe returning when I feel like it.  Returning after this Mom gets to take a little break from reality. Maybe even have time to read a book or not think about tidying up the house, not worrying about doing the laundry, or getting the kids teeth brushed for bed. The list is endless what will the day bring?

I am going to dream of sunny skies and keep my hopes alive.  This girl is not going to let anyone burst her bubble!  Let your wings unfold and hang on to those dreams and soon they will really happen.  You will be lying on that beach with the sun beating down and “Ramone” bringing you a another cool lemony drink .  Wait that is not reality. it is the book I found time to read just before bed, but put down a few minutes later as I couldn’t keep my eyes open from another busy day with the family.  It is nice to dream isn’t it?

My “Bestie” gave me this picture which has this quote on it  for me this year as a gift.






Recognize the beauty that surrounds you.

Be the architect of your own destiny.


C  R  E  A  T  E.

Talk soon ~





Welcome to LABEL ME MOMMY!


Welcome to the New Home of “Label Me Mommy” BLOG.    I came up with the name for my new idea, on yet another late night.  This time I was hanging out with my 3 year old son Noah – who apparently had too much coffee!  I thanked him the next day for keeping me up so late, as my creative juices were flowing.  Most people would be sleeping at 3:00 am, not us we watched a little tree house. Toopie & Binoo, and Bob the Builder were having a marathon kind of night it seemed.

I had been struggling with naming my new Blog.  My marketing friend suggested something edgy.  I came up with a few names, not edgy but something else.  I will call them “over-the-edge”.  That is how I was feeling the night I came up with “label me mommy”.  My son who is about 3 feet tall likes to roam into our room late at night once or twice a night just to see if I am sleeping.  He says “Mumma”!  I wonder why he never seems to go to Dad side of the bed.  How is that Dad never seems to hear him come in.  He always seems astonished when I tell him “Yes I was up with Noah again last night”.  Oh my little man, I don’t think he let me sleep a wink that first year we were together, so this is really easy peazy.  Except for the occasional nights were he seems to think we should be “night-owls”.

What does a good Mumma do, gets up with the kiddo offer a drink and a pee and back to bed.  A little lie down, Mumma, and then he usually just nods off.  Not this night he was up probably 4 or 5 times, so I decided “OK Mister, that’s it – we are staying up until you are really ready to go to bed!”  I was using that “tough love” stuff on him.  Flipping thru the late night TV. , Tree-house looked better than the late night shopping channel or the 1-800-call-me ladies ready to chat with you now.

A few more hundred, (or so it seemed), jingles went thru my head again.  Ok I do labels…. so I thought maybe I should have a label in the title?  I am a Mom, Mommy, Mumma, …. it goes on & on.  “Label Me Mommy” was born.  I emailed my “marketing (neighbour) – aka “our code name for each other”, and she liked it, ok she loved it!  This just goes to show me that you just might find what you are looking for when you least expect it, or at least this is my experience.  Sometimes I find when I try too hard and hold the reigns really tight it doesn’t always flow.  Maybe I should try that more often?

I hope you will drop in from time to time and like to join us on our adventures along the highway of “Mommyhood”.

Ok nuff said, I am going to bed now, and hoping the little man will not wake up his “Mumma tonight!”  Sweet Dreams!

Talk Soon~


Inspiring Change ~ Women’s DAY

International Women's Day

“I am women – Hear my ROAR!” I love that my Birthday happens to fall on INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! This is cause for celebration in my books. This March 8th – 2014, the theme from the United Nations, is “INSPIRING CHANGE – FOR THE GREATER AWARENESS FOR WOMEN!”

The 100th year  Women’s Day Anniversary was celebrated in 2011.  This special day on our calendar stands for inspiring women worldwide. We as mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and daughters must stand tall and unite. There is strength in numbers. Speaking of numbers, there are millions and millions of women of every age, ethnicity and colour in the world.  On this day we stand united and we are one!

Sadly many of the women, girls, and children are not considered equal and face many sad atrocities today. I wish the world was not like this,  it makes my heart bleed. My role as a mother is to build a foundation in my daughter and son which is strong and will not shatter upon adversity. My hope is they will go into the world and be the “best they can be, be strong, be loving and kind”. I am sure this is the hope of all mothers and fathers for their children.

The first ever celebration of women internationally began in 1911 and every year marks many events and celebrations worldwide! So what are you doing today to inspire change. I am eating chocolate cake and squeezing my babies and letting to let them know I LOVE THEM!


“We have a world to conquer…..one person at a time….starting with ourselves.”  ~ Nikki Giovanni



Talk soon ~