Sometimes in life your kind of cruising along, then you hear something that just sticks with you.  You know that light bulb kind of Eureka moment?  

I was out with an old friend last night, which I had not seen in a while.  You know the one who shares the ups and downs on this road called life!  We went to the https://medieval.academy/ in Guelph, as I had heard how much fun it was to throw AXES and KNIVES around.

I must admit I was feeling a little nervous after we had signed the waivers; especially when they reviewed things like,  “Don’t swing it this way, because if you do……”.  Well I will not go in to details, but you can imagine?  We had these metal pointy things in our reach, I took the smallest one in my hand,  I was a little shaky.   I could smell the newly greased edges on the blades and watched them glisten in the light with marks left from past patrons. 

I glanced at my friends face and her eyes where lit up and she squealed with delight, “I really like this!”  She had just thrown this huge metal object at the bulls-eye marker, and she had struck it right in the middle of the marker.  I think she found a new favorite sport, or as they say properly “Activity”.

What happened for me last night, was a light bulb moment of sorts.  I looked at her as she swung the axe and asked her,  “How do you do that?”  She said, “JUST GIVE IT ALL YOU HAVE!”  MMM… isn’t that just so true.   I took the big axe in my hand as she suggested big is better and I swung it like it was the last thing to do before I took my final breath.  You know what? That bloody thing hit the mark. 

Just like that, I was in the moment AXE in hand and just, “GAVE IT MY ALL”; man what a freeing feeling!   At that moment nothing else seemed to matter.  You know those things like laundry, work, aging parents, kids, and the everyday aches and pains of life. 

Who knew throwing these weapons could be so bloody freeing.  I joked with her, “this is better than therapy?”  We both laughed and nodded at each other.  It was the kind of nod only shared with an old/new kind of bonding experience of hanging out on a Saturday night without any expectations.

We knew then, (or maybe it was just me who finally figured it out), that this life stuff is better when you share,  not only your tears but also those cool vibes with your tribe.

Sometimes it isn’t those big things in life, but rather those quiet times, that just kind of make you smile, and you know in your heart, “THANKS, I get it now!”

PS. Thanks Kim, for braiding my hair at my grade 8 graduation, and being that sister I never had xxx.

Talk Soon ~


My Lucky Shamrock

Lucky Shamrock


I think we all want the “Luck of the Irish!”  By the way my dog’s name is Irish.  (I just thought of that as I was calling him to stop licking the cat’s dishes once again.) I didn’t name him, he already had that name when we adopted him.  He has been with me over 10 years.  He is my good “ol” boy, when he is not getting into trouble.  I really couldn’t get a better boy than him, I am so LUCKY!

I have a number of Shamrock plants, they are my favorite.  One of the reasons I love them so much is they are so delicate and sweet, yet fierce and determined with  a strong will to live.  This is their month to shine being that the shamrock represents all things Irish.

I am a “green thumb wannabe”.   Secretly I would love to work in a flower shop.  I love being surrounded by all plants and flowers.  The closest I did get to this dream was when my Aunt had her Garden Centre business.  I would help her on occasion and went to different markets selling her flowers. I loved being surrounded by all the beauty and loved watching the smiles of people when they purchased.

My flowers have been my  saving grace this winter. I simply cannot walk past a potted Tulip, or Daffodil without bringing them home.  It is my simple indulgence, and gives me great pleasure.  With the money I have spent this year on my little addiction I could have gone south!

Speaking of flowers, this is when my little Shamrocks like to show their little white flowers. Delicate by nature. Shamrock’s like to stand tall and proud humbly showing beauty and grace.  They close their leaves at night, and open them in the morning. I think I should stay up all night, just to witness this sometime.

I remember many summer afternoons looking for four-leaf clovers in my youth.   I never did find one.   My Mom loved to play the “let’s find a four-leaf clover game”, as it kept my brother and I busy for a good couple of hours it seemed.

Speaking of four-leaf clovers, I was gifted a beautiful 4 leafed clover in a picture frame by my friend Henrietta (she has a business called “Gift of Luck”).  I truly believe it has brought me luck.   Can you imagine giving people the “Gift of Luck”!   I must say she is one cool friend.

Back to my Shamrocks.  When they look like they have seen better days and you want to pitch them out. Don’t do it!  They just need a little water.  They just spring back to life. When they look a little rugged around the edges, I simply pull the dead stems and then they look great again.

When summer comes I love to put these plants outside.  They become really full and truly alive.   I think that is how I feel in summer, it is my favorite season.   By the end of the summer the plants  burst with foliage and flowers and become this gigantic beauty. I have several different kinds, purple and green ones. I don’t know the latin names, maybe I should ask my horticulturist Aunt sometime. I have had one of them for close to 10 years. It has seen my ups and downs and still hangs around.  All it asks is that I place her in a sunny spot, give her water and a little love.

That’s all we need isn’t it, just a little SUN, WATER & LOVE!

Talk soon ~