Circle of Life


Nothing is permanent in this lifetime.  Life is so fragile – I attended a drop in memorial for a women in the community who has 2 children the same age as me.  Her husband,  41 years old in good physical shape had apparently went for a jog.  His wife came home and found him on their door step.  My thoughts have been with this family all week.  My friend told me this week her father had 3 months to live.  Another close friend who has been battling breast cancer  is having her last radiation treatment.  My beautiful friend and her family are moving to Germany this week to start a new life.  My daughter and I will miss them terribly as they have become such good friends. 

I am not good at goodbyes.   I am not sure anyone is?  Maybe some people fake it better than others?   This letting go process is complicated for me, I am not good at it.  

We are hopefully coming to a completion of the long dark winter months with the spring forward motion of the clocks comes new beginnings and new life cycles.   With that comes hope, light and maybe some faith!

It is my Birthday today I get to blow out another candle.  Birthday ‘s have a funny way of grabbing your attention on the aging process, I have been feeling the aches and pains of the process, but it is a real blessing to become yet another year older. 

Like the butterfly in the picture, there is a cycle to life.  Like the seasons, there is a time for everything. 

We are heading out for a little family dinner, what a gift and I get to come home and eat more chocolate cake and hear my family sing “Happy Birthday”!  It has been a really good day.


Enjoy the sun!


Talk soon ~



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