The Polar Express Train Ride


The Waterloo Central Railway Village Station in St. Jacobs hosts some wonderful Holiday rides.  Walking towards the venue, you could see the glowing lights from the Christmas decor. 

Bells could be heard jingling in the darkness of the evening sky. One of the smiling attendees from the previous Polar Express train ride said, “Enjoy your time, you will love it, it was so amazing!” 

Entering the warmth of the building, there were Children dressed in pajamas clutching hands with their parents some were browsing the Polar express memorabilia and perhaps wondering what the night would entail.

The lights dimmed, smoke began to fill the room and our evening at the Polar Express began as actors began to tell the story of the popular Christmas book written by Chris Van Allsburg.

Entering train C, there were festive Christmas lights decorating the interior of the 1950’s old style train.  We were met with the actors in costume greeting us all with smiles as we found our seating arrangements. 

The conductor said, “All Aboard, we are embarking on a trip to the North Pole, please have your tickets ready!”

Rolling out of the station we all knew we were in for a special evening as the conductor began to inspect the golden tickets, walking up and down the aisle performing his golden ticket duties.

Attendees can enjoy a 1 hour train ride to the North Pole in the comfort of cozy seating while The Polar Express is read, hot chocolate and treats are served, carols are sang and everyone receives a gift and visit from SANTA. 

The acting was really well done along with all of the details taken in to account to make the ride so memorable for Children of all of all ages. 

Tickets are limited so be sure to check out the website and pre book your ride, Waterloo Central Railway,

One of the last impressions I heard on the loudspeaker was, “What matter’s most is not where you are going, but that you got on!” 

This annual family fun Polar Express train ride along with the Santa train ride experience takes place from Mid November only until Mid December, so get ready to make one of the most memorable experience’s your family will have this holiday season.


Talk soon,




Be Kind to Each Other The World Needs It!


The busy holiday season is upon us with just one week before Christmas Day.  Lunch hour came and went however the memory of what made the day still lingers.  Much can be accomplished on a one hour lunch break, thoughts of going for lunch with friends, last minute shopping or a walk around Riverside Park in the sunshine. 

Choosing the latter option was a great chance to stretch the legs and clear the mind with a little time in nature.  A favorite path at Riverside Park which has been referred to the, “Bridge to Bridge walk”.  The walk started from the East side of the Speed River walking trail accessed from the Speedvale Ave. Bridge towards the Woodlawn Bridge.  As the footsteps rounded the pathway just meters from the low lying woods near the Woodlawn Bridge, there it was glittering in the sunlight. 

The beautifully decorated 3.5 ft. small pine tree was easy to spot just to the left of the path. Tiny red bows, a set of battery operated colorful lights, and a few ornaments adorned this tree in the woods. Underneath the tree lay a few presents marked with a Christmas tag which read, “To:  You, From: Secret Santa” A card dangled on the tree in a plastic sleeve marked, “PLEASE READ ME!” 

Looking around to see if anyone else was around besides the birds flying above.  Nostalgic feelings of past Christmas’s were brought up which brought a smile.  The card read, “Season’s Greetings to EVERYONE WHO READS THIS…..”  It spoke about random acts of kindness and Christmas being a time of giving.  “If you receive a gift, please enjoy it and consider doing a little something to pay it forward.  I hope it brings delight to all who notice it.” 

The world can be such a very busy place, Thank you to the kind soul who took the time to leave this very thoughtful message.  “Be as Kind as you can as the world needs it!”  This certainly made the day and helped to restore joy in the holiday season.  Hopefully many will benefit from this beautiful Act of Kindness!


Talk soon, 



It is a Wonderful Life!


“Every time you hear a bell ring, it means that some angel’s just got his wings.”

This is one of my favourite Holiday Movies. “It’s a wonderful life, (1946) “. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this movie it brings tears to my eyes. I am sure I am not alone in this. James Stewart plays George Bailey in the movie. It is a bittersweet tale of George who feels like a failure financially, becomes depressed with his state of affairs and is contemplating suicide on Christmas Eve. He wishes he was never born. Clarence, who plays his angel in the movie tries to teach him lessons and show him what life would be like without him.

This time of year can evoke such emotions in us. We often think of those loved ones who have departed, family members who may be ill or those ongoing family rifts. There are such expectations for this time of year. Often we expect everyone to be happy and merry in our gatherings. I guess it would make things a lot merrier if we could just all get along. My hope for the holiday season is to try to lower my expectations of others.

I really pondered the meaning of Christmas this past Monday morning, while waiting with my 7-year-old daughter for her bus. She said “Mom is Santa a real person”?” I replied “Of course he is real, but he has magical powers; kind of like a superhero”. Her next question was “Well why do we have Christmas”? I then replied “Well we celebrate Christmas so we can all be together, like a party”. She said “Well why are we having a party”? I then told Meaghan “it is like a birthday party because we are celebrating the birthday of ‘Baby Jesus”. She then replied “Well who is Baby Jesus”. Well I am sure there would be more questions but the bus pulled up and picked up my little Meg’s and off she went. I went in the house poured myself yet another coffee and thought much about those questions which came from the “mouth of babes.”

I do love this season, not just for the gift giving but for the true meaning of Christmas. To me it seems the world is just a little kinder this time of year. We all seem to be a little more generous with our fellow-man. Many of us try to help out those less fortunate. There just seems to be a spirit which seems to flow more in the air than other times of the year. Perhaps it makes those cold winter days and nights a little warmer,brighter with the lights flickering, the stocking hung, the logs in the fire.

I hope you will have many happy times with your family and friends and celebrate the magic of the season which is upon us. You just have to believe. Do you believe? I love the end of the movie when George Bailey despite all his adversities realizes all he has and declares “It is a wonderful life!”

Clarence: “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many lives, when he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he”?

Talk soon ~