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Thanks for stopping by, I know what you are thinking another blog?  Well this isn’t just any blog, it’s the WANDERING WELLINGTON COUNTY – Adventures in My Backyard BLOG.  We are located in the Village of Fergus, ON and I want to share with you all of the wonderful adventures you can discover right in your backyard!  So sit tight, grab a coffee and enjoy my weekly musings of a small town girl, playing and having fun in her backyard.

If you are wondering well why would I want to join this small town girl on her adventures?   I’ll tell you because once I share things with you, just maybe you will make new discoveries of your own.  My hope is this will be a community type of blog where we can share cool stories of people in our community, and fun events going on in Wellington County and Beyond ……..

Perhaps you where thinking you had to take a trip to Paris, France to gain perspective on your travelling adventures.  Or maybe you think you need to escape this winter we are having in Wellington County and go to the Islands.  Well that would be nice, but you have to take me with you! 

So if you are staring out the window and watching the snow fall, just like I am.  Take a few minutes, put a good cup of hot chocolate, or your favourite café au late and lets laugh & cry, but let’s do it together.  I am building up my social connections, so be a dear and share this new blogs with the world, or maybe just your world in Wellington County or drop me a note info@wanderingwellingtoncounty.com!


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What does a School House have to do with Labels?

vintage school2

I love this picture as it makes me reflect upon school days gone by. Did I mention to you I live in an old schoolhouse. Our house is well over 150 years old. When we first walked thru the house I could feel the good vibes in the home. Sometimes I think I can hear the chuckles of those young kids playing ball outside. I am not sure if you believe in energies around us? One night I was up late, as usual in the shop getting some of our label packages out. I could definitely feel the presence of spirits gone past. It was as if I wasn’t alone in the room. Did I mention it was the first week of school as well.

I remember my early school days being carefree and joyful. I associate many good memories with my younger school years. I still remember the Kindergarten room with Mrs. Watson, she was so beautiful. We had the most amazing “play” helicopter in the room. We played in the kitchen making lunches and dinners. I remember those little wooden cubby holes where my blanket was and those wonderful story times. Now that I am writing this I remember looking at that wall, high above and seeing my name on top of the huge shoe pictures with the real laces. It would be mine when I first learned to tie my shoes.

Childhood memories can be such a wonderful thing aren’t they? Well since it is past midnight I think I must lay my head down to sleep and dream of those carefree days with the wind blowing while I played hopscotch with my giggling school friends.

What a lucky girl I am to live in such a great historical place today. I hope the many souls which have gone to school here have shared their stories and great memories with their loved ones.

Sweet Dreams……………………………

Talk soon


Secretly I would love to be labeled an “Artist!”


“True Art is characterized by the irresistible urge in the creative
artist” – Albert Einstein

This month we talk about art and technology.
First, I will reflect upon Art. I love it ! There – I said it. I have
been told I’m an artistic person as I love to create. Some of my
hobbies include pottery, encaustic and my new passion writing and
blogging. Having recently had some unexpected surgery, I was very
dismayed at having to cancel a one week encaustic course I had signed up
for several months ago at a local Elora studio. My doctor advised me a
week of bed rest. How does a mother of 2 kids who runs a household and
a new business lie down for a week ? Well in little bits here & there.

I was envisioning a luxurious week of pretending I was an “artist
working in the studio” as an escape from reality. I had participated
in such an event years ago and thought it one of the best things I’d
ever done. I’ve dabbled in the above encaustic and pottery and I would
love to live solely to create beautiful art that touches both the mind
and the soul. Secretly I would love to be labeled an “Artist” and
wonder what it would be like to have my pieces greatly sought after ?
Yet even now I am deeply attached to the few pieces I’ve created and am
not sure I could detach myself from them. My brother was once an
owner/operator of two fine art galleries – he had a talent of dealing
with the artist and knew how to successfully market and sell their wares
– a talented wheeler-dealer. So I’ve had the the opportunity to meet
quite a few talented artists along the way. I believe most artists may
share the paradoxical mind set of the above described detachment from
their pieces.

And Technology – unlike most people in this civilized world I recently
upgraded to my first fancyphone – as I like to call them – it came in
the mail a few weeks ago. How on earth will I learn to operate it is
yet another matter. I must say I love browsing the internet on
occasion, but to watch people walking across the street and texting – I
just don’t understand what is so important ? OMG I cannot believe how
cell phones are everywhere (guess I’m old school). I do have a cell
phone but ok, I admit I have have never ever texted in my life. What’s
a girl to do ? I need some training from my cousin’s son, who is 14,
he knows more about these smart phones than me. Is it a smart phone ?
Well it is smart looking for sure. Speaking of phones, my parents are
really old school. They were at the bank the other day and the teller
asked them for their email and they replied “we don’t have an email”, so
she asked for their cell phone number, they replied “we don’t have a
cell phone”. So she finally asked them if she could leave a message on
their home phone if she needed to. Well, you guessed it – “we don’t
have an answering machine” was my mothers reply. As she says, “we have
call display so I don’t need an answering machine !”.

I have a love / hate relationship with technology. I run an online
Label business which is hard to believe, given my technologically
challenged ways. This has been a “year of learning” for this girl. I
am finding I really like learning about this online business of mine and
about web sites, search engine optimization, Google analytics, PayPal,
E-checkes, Facebook, Social Media marketing and oh yes- labels too.
This last year has been one in which I’ve received a tremendous amount
of support and encouragement. My previous business advisor, Valerie,
at the Guelph Business Enterprise Centre told me starting a business is
really like having a baby. Since I am a new mother of 2 small children
that analogy really hit home. I can see how you need to have patience
as you enter new territory. You will have ups & downs, you will want to
reach under the covers and never come out, you will have amazing days
and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. Oh I guess this is just like
riding the waves of life – it is what you make it.
Perhaps when I have some spare time again I will set up my own little art studio, turn the music
on and lose myself in creation. We all need to start with a dream !
What are you going to create today ?

Allergy Labels “Mom I might be allergic to people!”


I was sitting on the couch after dinner tonight having a good cuddle with my daughter who is seven years old, when all of a sudden she sneezed. She said “Mom I have been sneezing a lot today. Mom I am worried I might be allergic to people!” I said Meg I know how you feel. I thought how sweet and precious the things that come out of the mouth of babes.

Like most people, my week has been filled with ups & downs. Sometimes things are going smoothly and other days you think “Why did I wake up & is it time for bed yet!”. My schedule has had a big change this week. I have been spending more time with my “little man” who usually has daycare. This is wonderful however a 3 year has a lot more energy than a 40 something year old Mom. Especially on those nights when she is busy printing labels and tending to other household chores. Well this week my little muffin & I went to the new accessibility park in Fergus. It is amazing what a community working together can do. I highly recommend a visit if you haven’t been yet. We went on a Monday morning when there wasn’t a lot of kids and Mom was running after her little guy and I thought to myself “OK this girl needs to get in shape”, if I am going to keep up the pace.

I don’t recommend you buy those little mini Halloween chocolate bars and have them in close proximity. Last time I looked the box was empty. Luckily I did decide to purchase some veggies today while cruising the grocery isle with the little guy. He has been an absolute angel this week. He usually has tantrums at various places, (like the grocery store). I must say he has been on his best behaviour, even when he played soccer today he played nice with all the kids and gave them a “high-five”. He is a an amazing little boy and real cutie-pie, Ok I guess I am a Proud Mumma! I guess our time together will bond us closer. You can’t get much closer then when he was clinging both of his little arms around my neck this morning. He said “he was too scared to play soccer with the other kids.” I wonder if he felt he might be allergic to people today too? I didn’t notice any sneezing.

I just heard a great “John Tesh” quote on the radio. “Kids with the most affectionate parents handle the stresses of life best!” So give those little kiddlets ……….2 kisses & 2 hugs and enjoy your quiet time while they are dreaming of their day! And remember tomorrow is another day!

Talk to you soon ~


Back to School Next Week ….Wait I still need Labels …..Cat in the Hat!


Hello Again ~

We live in the Country and this time of year the corn is so high I cannot see my neighbours! We joked when I was pregnant with my daughter that she will be born when the corn comes. We just celebrated her birthday last week. She is officially 7 years old. All grown up now, (even if she pouts and cries when Grampa cracked open the Pinata at her party). She is going into grade 2, OMG how does it happen so fast. One minute your rocking your babe in your arms and the next they are heading off to University. Well I guess I have a bit to go – maybe in the blink of an eye – is the expression.

This time of year I always reminisce about the many firsts. I think about all those kids going back to school, maybe the first year of Kindergarten. Oh my gosh that will be “my Noah” next year joining his “Big Sis” on the school bus. I just cannot imagine those little legs climbing the bus for the first time – and then the door shuts and that is it – they are gone forever. Don’t you know that is my baby? Ok I guess I have a year to prepare – but it will go fast I know. I am not sure I will be prepared??? What about those kids entering their first day of highschool trying to find the elevator? Or those kids moving into residence at University or College and going to their first Toga party.

The Fall always seem to bring back the feelings of “New possiblities”. I find myself wanting to sign up for a new course, buy a new outfit and sharpen my pencils. I always like to buy the new sheets of paper you find at the drug stores for back to school for .12 for 500 sheets, I think I still have some from last year. The new binders will be purchased, well I guess my daughter in grade 2 doesn’t really need binders just yet, but I think I will pick up a few in case? School clothes will be picked out for the first day. I remember my mother always taking the photos of my brother & I with our frowns on the first day of school. Oh the memories…… What was my mother thinking of those outfits she dressed us in, the airplane shirt my brother wore one year and that White Blouse with all the frills and the big bow and the hairdos.

I remember driving behind the bus when my daughter first went to school and peeking in the parking lot watching her get off the bus and she just waved and kept marching into “her new world”. I guess we as parents need to let go and let them fly.

Our Label Machine as been going full tilt this month – so don’t worry if you think you have left it too late to order labels for school. We have been getting out orders really quickly for all the school kiddlets. I still remember ordering my first labels as per a suggestion from one of the Mom’s from my Baby group for “My Meg” and wondering “why do I need these?” I now understand as it really does help to bring her stuff home. Garry our bus driver hands us her hat or a sweater she left says “where you looking for that Meg!” Little did I know I would be “burning the midnight oil” getting labels out to all those new Mom’s & Dad’s putting their “Meg’s” on the bus for the first time……….. Life is funny isn’t it? You just never know what is around the corner. Oh wait is that my “Meg’s Bus? I have to go now & get her off the bus and hear all about her first day of school!”.



Today is your day.
You’re off to great places!
You’re off & away!


And will you Succeed?
Yes! You will Indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed)
Kid, you move moutains!
So …. be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray Mordecai, Ale Van Allen O’Shea
You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So get on your way.

By Dr. Seuss ~

Talk to you soon ~


If I order Labels – will they arrive for Back to School?


Hello –

I opened my email today and someone had asked me when ordering their labels. “Will the Labels arrive for Back to School?” Wow how did it end up to be just a couple of weeks away from school, why does the summer always seem to go so fast and the fall just sneaks up on us? To answer the question yes you can still order your labels and they will arrive before the “Back to School” official date September 3, 2013. Is it just me or does it seem early this year that the kiddlets head back to the classroom?

Visiting with my parents yesterday my mother let me know the CNE offically opens this week. What – wait we are not ready for that yet, we haven’t had enough of summer yet. I need to go to the beach some more and just enjoy some more sunshine. Well I guess with the Label Machine going full tilt this week and my daughter going to camp and having to making lunchs in the morning it does feel like summer is fading.

I have had some unexpected minor surgery and health issues this past week and the doctor said “Ok you just need to lay down for one week and rest!” – I looked at her and said “Don’t you know I have things to do, and I have labels to make and blah – blah – blah”. I am taking her advice and am writing this in the warmth of my duvet covering me in my bed (following orders – but will shortly be getting up to attend to the business of labels). Ok Doc. once the labels are done I will go back to bed. How is a women looking after children, husband, house, business supposed to just lie down for a week. Well I guess I thank my “Lucky Stars” for help and support when I need it. Thanks to my daycare provider Amanda (she is our angel) – she is an amazing lady! How she does it I’ll never know? She is the most patient and loving person with our children. What a blessing to drop the kiddlets off and have no worries. I am so grateful for her and I don’t Thank her enough!

My daughter is attending the most Awesome Camp this week at the Wellington County Museum and Archives. If you get a chance to enrol your kids I highly recommend it. Libby & Ruth “thank you” for providing an amazing week of education, crafts and adventure to my “Meg” and her “Buddy Paisley” this week. They had a barn dance yesterday, made a quilt, pickles and jam and today are learning about baking? Such an amazing experience for a soon to be 7 year old. Her birthday is in a couple of weeks and we are planning a little party. Hey want to come – the more the merrier…….. it is a Riverside Park this year!

Thanks to my “Matt” who has put up my moaning and groaning this week and is helping me out in the Label Shop – he is my Hero – “Thank you I couldn’t do it without you!”. You have been such a support for me this week and are my bestfriend (mmmm.. most days! – that is another story).

So I hope you enjoy those last few weeks of summer everyone the weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and next week. So sneak a few minutes, hours or days and hang on to those last tidbits of summer time fun! I am not even going to worry about the construction crew outside our door this morning digging up our driveway and the house shaking or the dust in or outside the house because it a sunny beautiful day out there!

If you looking to order your labels you still have lots of time. We can still ship them the last week before school you should receive them in time ……… “Or if you are like me who leaves things to the last minute” – you can always order your labels in the Fall!

Talk to you soon~


My 6 Year Old Daughter “Labelled an Adult!”


Yesterday my girlfriend and her 2 grandchildren took a roadtrip with the kiddlets to a Theme Park Close to home. We had a great day on the rides and they enjoyed all of the “hollywood feeling of the Park”. “My daughter who is 6 is Labelled an Adult!”. Yes that is right – she is 6 years old, but a “Tall 6 year old”. We pre-purchased the tickets and they asked was she over 48″ tall. Well we had measured her the night before to see “How tall my beautiful girl is”. She measured in at 50″ tall. So I had to purchase and Adult ticket for my 6 Year Old Daughter to be admitted into the Park.

Well in talking to others about this subject they said “oh my gosh – how terrible and Oh my gosh – That is not right”. Having reflected on this matter I thought of others who might feel the same. What about kids flying who have to pay a full adult price? Yes they are still considered “small babes” in our eyes but not in the airline companies eyes. They are sitting in a seat – so they must pay full price. This year we took the kids to another Larger Amusement Park in Orlando (some of you may know it). Since my son was not sitting on our lap he was charged the full rate for the “Big Little person” he is. I feel badly for the people who travelled with us on the same plane, as travelling with a 2 year old on a plane is another story. He was everywhere but in his “assigned seat”. I don’t even want to think about as it brings back some “not so pleasant memories for the Fam”.

Back to yesterday at the amusement park. The weather didn’t forecast any rain. We should always trust in the weather forecast. However the weather had other ideas on our day at the park. My friend said before we left, “Hey should I bring an umbrella”, of course I said “No we will not need it”. I must say a Zehrs Bag does come in handy as a “makeshift” coat for a small little boy. “Who said plastic bags are not safe?”.

We knew it was time to go when my little Zehrs Bag boy decided to have a “melt down at the mountain / fallsview area where Mom let him down for a little moment to fully give in to his “meltdown moment”. What a sight as he crawled back to Mom with big alligator tears and his clothes where wet from jumping in the puddles. It was nice the crowds of people had let him “do his thing” and gave him space – maybe they thought he was part of a show. I really felt like I had won the “mother of the year award”, as people where starring at me and this little man – Hah!! This moment in time is now imprinted in me forever, our little “wonderland moment”.

I was putting my daughter to sleep tonight and she said “Mom what Land are we going to next?”. I said what do you mean? She said well we went to Canada’s Wonderland, Disney Land, – What about Marine Land? I thought mmm.. I said to her I think it was Disney World not Disney Land. So she said ‘Well what other world’s can we go to?” And than I had a great thought for the next trip “Wally World………… Who wants to go with us? I am sure we could create some great memories……………

I think I learned a lesson yesterday … I promise to teach my daughter to STAND TALL-REACH HIGH- & DREAM BIG!

Talk to you soon ~


Don’t forget to Label those “RainBoots”


Hello Everyone –

Yes you are reading the title right “Don’t forget to Label the RainBoots” – Yes it is July 10th today! How is that we need to be reminded to Label the rainboots in the middle of summer? Is it the middle of summer – July the month of sitting on the beach soaking up the rays. We have waited all year for this. Well maybe we are soaking up all of the puddles…… Yesterday Toronto had the most rain ever recorded and the pictures of this town just an hour away from us where unbelievable. There where people literally jumping out of their cars to escape being swept away in the mass flooding. (Mississauga, ON this doesn’t happen so close to home, it is always somewhere else. Tonight we are on a severe thunderstorm watch.

Although the forecast was Rain most of the day, we did see some sunny skies today which was lovely! My garden is doing really well this year, my pumpkins are looking awesome, well there are no pumpkins yet, but some lovely flowers that are supposed to magically turn into a pumpkin. Every year I try to grow pumpkins and I did get a few last year)… I will post some photos this year and maybe write a little story about my pumpkin patch (well pumpkins in pots) and the “best ever pumpkins?” I planted some Giant Ones too (so excited). Last year my “Giant Pumpkin was about the size of an average pie pumpkin but I was still thrilled. I am thinking this year I might even have to borrow Mom’s recipe for crust and get baking some pumpkin pies, or maybe set up a road side stand and sell my pumpkins because I will have so many. Ok maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself, and lets not think about pumpkins just yet.

My son said Mommy “there is the sun!” – as if he had forgot what it looked like. Well we are Canadian (EH!), weather being the big topic of conversation at the Local Coffee shops while picking up our lattes and donuts. This coming weekend the weather prediction is 27 and SUNNY – WOOT, WOOT! I am running to the Beach, I’ll save you a spot if you buy the ice-cream. Enjoy those sunny skies and I hope that Mr. Sunshine will shine its rays for the “Best Summer Ever!” So go find a Beach, some shades and leave those rainboots at home.

I will leave you with this last thought on the weather thus far …………………………………….

“I know it is Wet
And The Sun is Not Sunny.
But We Can Have
Lots of Good Fun That is Funny!”
~ Cat in the Hat

Talk to you soon ~


Labelled “Senior Mother” ….. “look after yourself – no one else will!”


My first article was published this past month in Powerful Women Magazine www.powerfulwomen.ca, (page 4/5 – Summer Edition). “Wow what a thrill it was to be selected and to have it published!” I thought I would provide you a copy of it for my Blog Post (I hope you enjoy).

Look after yourself – no one else will!

“Momma, let me take a bite out of that Marshmallow Sky!” ~ My 3 year old son Noah.

This little gem of a quote came out of my son Noah a couple of weeks ago, while we drove to the grocery store. I had to stop the vehicle and write it down as I didn’t want to forget it. I’m a mother of two young energentic children. Meaghan, six and Noah who is three. These two little kid-lets are my reason for trying to stay healthy and happy so I can be the best Mom I can be for them. I’m a “senior mother” labelled by my friend who is my age. Our daughters are in the same Grade One class (we both giggle at each other when we use this term, as we sip our lattes after our Friday yoga class). My grandmother and I share having children later in life – her last two babies are in their fifties and my grandmother just turned 95 years old this week. Okay enough about numbers (you do the math) – hah!!!

My Grandma is one of my role models and still lives on her own with the help of her family. She was doing yoga well into her seventies, takes minimal medication and is the “Scrabble queen!” I started yoga this past year at an amazing studio in Fergus and adore my teacher Miranda – she has the voice of an angel. One of her favorite poses is Down-ward-dog. I must admit I really don’t like it much. Hopefully it will “grow on me”. My favorite is the meditation at the end of the class. I leave the class feeling a little more alive and renewed. Ohmmmmm…. I think I’ll keep going to yoga. My other excercise is walking with my favourite buddy Irish, my dog. He is about fifteen years old and, like me , he is a little arthritic and doesn’t always want to go for his walk, but we always feel better after!

I love the quote by Teilhard de Chardin. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” I believe we must look after our mind, body and spirit to be healthy. I try to be positive when I can and find reading and meditating on a quote or piece of prose helps me stay centred when my day goes “crazy with life events.” When I get into a funk, a gratitude list really helps me shift my thinking to a more positive vibe.

Summer is my favourite season; I love the warm weather and one of my passions is spending time by the water. Luckily my family shares the same love – we spend many hours on the boat in the warmth of the sun. We swim, soak in the rays and build sandcastles. There is just something about the water that calms, heals and restores my mind, body and spirit.

I feel spirit is all around us. In the eyes of a child, it could be the rustling of leaves in the wind or the whisper of those gone before us that comforts our soul. As women, we are many things to many people. We are mothers, wives, daughters, employees, employers… the list is endless. My mother’s sage advice that has really stuck with me is. “If you don’t look after yourself, no one else will!” Remember to carve out some time in they busyness of life to connect with your inner and outer self so you can be the “best you can be for you and those around you!” Dig deep and find out what stirs your soul and remember to eat a few marshmallows along the way!

Namaste and have a great summer with your friends and family.

~ talk soon Nancy

Potty Time … Party Time … & Stickers


It is “Potty Time” at our house … Yes that is right “Party Time – (I mean Potty Time). We are officially out of Diapers (Ok – well we still use them at night, or long car rides.) – we have not fully graduated. My little 3 year old bundle of Joy is so happy to announce “He has to POO or PEE!” (grocery stores, doctors offices, you name it he is not afraid to let the world know. You would think he would receive glaring glances – oh no he is too cute, most people just chuckle, grin and give him a “thumbs up!”

He likes to use the washroom on his own, always with an annoucement “Mom I have to go the washroom and don’t come in OK”. Eventually Mom comes to the rescue…… usually it is when we need to use the plunger because it seems like their is a river in our house. Oh no it is just Noah using yet another roll of toilet tissue. The money we are saving on diapers finds its way to the toilet tissue section (hah!) His favorite undies are the blue airplane one’s grandma bought him. His first official pair of underwear was a real milestone in our house that day.

Big sister Meg was really proud too. She has encouraged him and provided him with his own set of airplane stickers. Time has passed and it has been a couple of months since he has joined the “Big Boys Club!”. Now I cruise quickly by the Diaper aisle in the grocery store and smile thinking I will book a family trip to Cuba with all the diaper savings. Hey something seems to be kinda wet, I look down thinking oh no maybe we should have had a bathroom break first. It is just my little man spitting on his hand and giggling and announcing to everyone “Look at me Momma”). Mmmm…. Maybe it is time to pick up some more wipes, we have not outgrown those treasures yet. Just imagine all the germs on those little hands. Where have those hands been today ….. wonders germaphobe Mom. More smiles from the passerbys – yes he is super cute (I think we will keep him).

Talk to you soon,