Virtual Babysitting during COVID-19 Pandemic

The Covid19 Pandemic has forever changed our World as we know it.  It has brought some positive changes such as slowing down the pace of our lives, creating more family time and has generated many creative entrepreneurial opportunities. 

One of these new ideas that has really made a positive impact in our house is my daughter has been virtual babysitting since the start of the pandemic in March.

A family friend reached out to us wanting to know if my 13 year old daughter Meaghan would be interested in virtual babysitting her 8 year old daughter while she worked from home.

My daughter shrugged her shoulders and then immediately said, “Mom, what do you think?”  Honestly I didn’t know what to think.  Four months later I can tell you it has been a blessing for everyone involved. 

With all of us home, in person school cancelled, and jobs on hold we found ourselves with more time.  My daughter’s been a busy bee, getting up early helping to create a new normal for our household.  She has been virtual babysitting Monday – Friday 2 hours a day, (9am-11am). 

This opportunity has created such a bond between these two young girls which never could have been imagined at the start of this new year.

You may be wondering how this could possibly work? 

Meaghan connects online with her little friend with all kinds of activities such as making bracelets, cards, pokemon, and reading.  Often they will do their hair and nails along with a lot of giggling and laughter.

My Daughter loves the feeling of being able to help out and looks forward to babysitting everyday.  She says, they have really gotten to know each other and feels a really special bond with this young girl!

Just last week they have implemented a social distant babysitting visit.  They may implement this once or twice weekly along with the online visits.  It was so wonderful to see them together sharing a fun filled afternoon together. 

We are so very proud of the young women my daughter is becoming and I love watching her grow and blossom with her new responsibilities.  I think she would make a wonderful teacher someday.


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