First Day Walking to School in the Rain


Reading the title of this, you may assume these kids in the above photo are junior kindergartens?  Luckily these kids have never had to walk in the rain, or snow yet until today.  Having recently moved to suburbia land, versus the out skirts of the country, things are a little different for this 12 & 8-year-old. 

I mentioned to them as we watched the school buses driving by that they maybe didn’t appreciate all those times they got to ride the bus when it was raining and snowing, huh!  They both nodded as they had to maneuver their little steps to avoid the puddles and the splash of the cars zooming by.

This morning I offered to drive them to school, as I opened the door and saw it was raining.  “Oh no Mom, lets just walk”, said 12-year-old Megs.  I had to agree with her, as this was only the second week back to school, along with just the second week of walking to school.  I myself have many fond and not so fond memories of walking back and forth to school many many moons ago.  I remember those days when it was storming, and having to walk up and down a hill, thru downpours and I am sure if you weren’t country folk riding the yellow bus, growing up you would remember those days as well.

Well the little guy thought it was just the best when a gust of wind caught his umbrella and turned it inside out.  I voiced my concerns to little Noah, “hold on that umbrella or it will break, and that’s not funny!”  Well I guess it would be if you were 8 and walking to school for the first time in the rain, testing the waters and waters it was, the rain was creating these big puddles all around us.  “Don’t walk in those puddles Noah, your feet will be wet all day!”.  

My son refused to wear his socks, as I did today as well, my world is still summer with my sandals firmly on my feet.  However you will find my son not wearing socks in the deep of winter, and oh the thoughts of them walking in the mountains of snow which will be ahead of us sooner than later…. Bahhhhh.  It is still summer right?

Hopefully the kiddlets will navigate their way home from school safely.  I am sure they will, after all we survived didn’t we?


Talk soon,