Wandering Wellington County on Family Day 2018

Promotional portrait of the cast of the television show, 'Leave It To Beaver,' circa 1959. Clockwise (from top): American actors Tony Dow, Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsley and Jerry Mathers. (Photo by R. Gates/Courtesy of Getty Images)


Good Morning, Happy Family Day to you all!  It is the official 2018 Family Day here in Ontario.  I remember when this newish Statuary Holiday was first introduced.  I thought to myself, “What a Holiday for Family!”  Now a few years older, and a few kids later I am very thankful for a day to celebrate FAMILY. 

I am very grateful for my family today, and for me family isn’t just the blood I share with others, but many of the bonds and friendships I share, I truly consider part of my family too.  I must say I haven’t always felt this way, in my youth I wasn’t so excited when my (family), father and brother would drop me off in front of the high school in the old Oldsmobile leaving with a 100 waves out the window along with loud honks trailing their cloud of smoke.  I remember I would slither out of the car and escape into the students trying to be as cool as I could, whispering,  “I don’t know who those crazy people are?”

Yeah….. finally the weather is starting to look a little like Spring in Wellington County, the sun is shining, and there is rain in the forecast.  Hopefully clear out a lot of this snow.  But we must remember it is still February and I am sure old man winter is not done with us yet.

My plan for Family Day is to take the kiddlets public skating today,  I believe it is free, and you can’t go wrong with Free.  I think they may even have hot chocolate and snacks, and maybe a little lunch.    Later in the afternoon we are going to drop by my parents in Guelph, and enjoy the day hanging out with them. My son said “well, what are we going to do there today?”, I said, “Well Just hang out, because we are one big happy family!” 

Perhaps we are not always happy, like the iconic “Leave it to Beaver” family, but I know we all love each other, and no matter what goes on in life, I know my family has always been and will always be my rock.  For that I am eternally grateful, yes grateful even on those days we don’t like each other, or agree with each other.  Yep we all have those days.

I know there is lots of fun things going on today in Wellington County, maybe drop by the Wellington County Museum they have a whole day of fun activities planned, and its free admission today, with donations greatly appreciated.  Here is the link for this event, https://calendar.wellington.ca/museum/Detail/2018-02-19-1300-Family-Day

Maybe I’ll see you skating today? I hope you all have a wonderful Family Day, even if all you do is stay home in your PJs’ and just enjoy each others company.  That’s what it is all about, right?


Talk soon ~