Every Women Needs a Day Out to Celebrate Spring!

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Have you ever heard of this type of event, A Ladies Day Out? I had been invited to attend this event, and I wasn’t sure how long I would plan on staying as my day was a busy one.  If anyone knows me, I often am a late arrival.  I like to think I am fashionably late.  My daughter and I checked out the event schedule at registration and having walked thru the hallway of the scheduled 2 or 3 different workshops we chose the workshop about, “Color Trends of 2018” which was starting in a half hour. 

My eleven year old daughter Meaghan and I settled into the comfy chairs at the Cutten Fields.  We were immediately transported into a world filled with colour and beauty from the soft-spoken workshop presenter, owner Volumes of Space.  This presentation brought on a renewed excitement about how colours can play such a big part of your everyday world! Moving along into the day we collected our thoughts and our gifted bottles of shiny new OPI nail polish and headed over to our next stop, the vendor market.

Entering the room next door which housed the many vendors of the day, the sight of rustic wood containers immediately caught my eye and I knew I had to have one before the day was out.  I kept walking along and found the perfect little colourful primrose plants for my container and then checked out the various vendors.  Maybe it was the smell or the funky colours but I spotted another item I needed, a sampler package of local handcrafted soaps.  Next stop was the friendly registration table to check out what time the afternoon sessions would be starting. 

Maybe it was the rumble of our stomachs or the aromas from the main dining hall which were calling our name, along with, “Mom I am hungry, can we eat lunch now?”  Lunch was served and it was a very delicious lunch indeed.  My daughter was thrilled at just how fancy everything was, “Oh … Mom, look at that, and ohhhh Mom deserts too!”  The presentation was lovely and the taste of the salad bar & chicken were excellent, just perfect for a “Ladies Day Out!” 

I sipped on a freshly brewed coffee and watched as my daughter browsed the desert bar.  The next item of the day was the lovely fashion show from Tsuga Boutique showcasing their latest Spring collection.  Later we strolled the beautiful raffle table and purchased some tickets to try our luck. 

Speaking of workshops, my daughter and I had an amazing afternoon with full bellies creating at the, “Make & Take” project.  We made some really cool rustic barn board frames with the cutest little succulent plants.  This was our last workshop of the day.  Proudly carrying our finished creations we decided to stop by the raffle table to see if the winners had been selected as of yet.

My daughter has just started horseback riding and when she turned to me and said, “Mom I won the picture of the horse on from the raffle table, I couldn’t believe my eyes, her name was listed as a winner on the picture!”  We had to borrow a box to carry our 6 raffle items we won, along with our Make and Take Crafts, and our beautiful Tulips Centrepiece we purchased with proceeds from the event supporting Michael House Guelph.

A big Thank you to Karen, who was the event organizer for the “Inaugural Celebrate Spring, Ladies Day Out!”  We had such an amazing day out!   Next year we are going to arrive earlier in the day to take advantage of the full day, and to take part in more workshops. 

I highly recommend you attend this event next Spring, and also check out Karen’s website for future events coming up, http://joynusevents.ca/michael-house/.  This woman who wore a smile on her face all day, really knows how to host an event which will sure to create a lasting impression on you.  


Talk Soon ~





  1. Marsha says

    Hi. Nice article. I am wondering if the title is correct with the word “Everyone”. Also, the last comment “….this women who wore a smile on her face…” should be “woman”.
    I enjoyed reading about your experience and thought you might have missed these in your editing.
    I hope you don’t mind.

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