2019 Goals


2019 Goals for the New Year

The New Year is here, it is January 2nd, with just a few days into the year.  I have been silently thinking of some goals for the New Year.  Since I am not one for setting New Years Resolutions I thought it would be a good idea to perhaps jot a few of my plans for the New Year.

1. More Contentment

I want to be more contented with my everyday activities. I want to feel more grateful, and be happy for what I have in my life today, rather than scrambling around trying to fill that emptiness or that void in the soul with more stuff. I am not sure how or what I will do but this is just something I am throwing out there into the universe. I was reminded of this statement when my favorite New Years Eve host Anderson Cooper said he wanted more contentment.

2. Get more Active and Fit

I am turning a certain age this year, and really want to focus on getting more fit and more active. Mmmmm… that late night gobble of that 3 pack of Lindor last night may need to be kept out of sight. Trying to fall asleep last night, tossing and turning I remembered that I had a small red 3 pack of those delicious Lindor chocolates which where in my stocking at Christmas. I slowly devoured all 3, I did my best to melt each one slowly in my mouth to make that feeling of late night chocolate last longer. Mission accomplished I know don’t have any chocolate left in my room, now I have to actually walk downstairs to get a bite. This will allow me to become more active as stairs are a good way to get some cardio in.

3. Read More Books

I really want to read more books. I have a bad case of staring at my phone too much, looking up useless information and causing endless google searches which amount in a whole lot of wasted time. I want to delve into more books which are sitting in my box just waiting for me to take me out of myself and transport me to another world. That is the power of books and I am so grateful when I find a good book as it is such a great escape from reality.

These are my TOP 3 GOALS……….. What are yours for the 2019 Year ahead?

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2019 Goals for the New Year

2019 Goals for the New Year

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